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The in-class pages are meant specifically for the class, and contain the visuals used in class as well as related readings and links that I might want students to look at. The “Resources” pages are portals of the best web-based links, and is meant to be useful to those outside of UCF as well as to UCF students. The “Course Page” contains a set of resources for the specific class, such as pages used in class, handouts, readings, announcements, and other items. Syllabi are available.

Webcourses are here.

Some useful pages for courses, mine and other peoples’

Some Teaching-Related Resource Pages

Contact & Location

Office: Psychology 225
Office Phone: 407-823-5408
Department Phone: 407-823-2273
email: bruce.janz@ucf.edu

Course #Course Name (click for course page where available. Some course pages are in the UCF Webcourses system)Latest TermSyllabus
ENC 6800Introduction to Texts and TechnologiesFall 2016Available
HUM 2020Encountering the HumanitiesSpring 2007Available
HUM 2210HHonors Humanistic Traditions IFall 2005Available
HUM 2230HHonors Humanistic Traditions IISpring 2007Available
HUM 3255Modern HumanitiesSpring 2005Available
HUM 3394Representations of Place and SpaceFall 2007Available
HUM 3423African HumanitiesFall 2016Available
HUM 3805Critical Theory in the HumanitiesSpring 2015Available
HUM 3830Introduction to Digital HumanitiesFall 2013Available
HUM 4393Humanities PortfolioDiscontinued
HUM 4933Humanities Senior SeminarSpring 2012Available
HUM 4903H, 4970HHonors in the Major
Directed Reading & Thesis
HUM 5803Theories and Methods of the HumanitiesFall 2006Available
PHI 2010HHonors Introduction to PhilosophyFall 2003Available
PHI 3790African PhilosophyFall 2012Available
PHI 4804Critical TheoryFall 2009Available
PHI 4938Philosophy Senior SeminarSpring 2011Available
PHI 5665Knowledge, Responsibility and SocietySpring 2016Available
REL 3432Roots of Western MysticismFall 2011Available
REL 4910Religious Studies Senior SeminarSpring 2010Available

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