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The Millionaire University President

Tuesday, 24th March 2020

So, $1M to be president of UCF. All of 2 days of vetting, during a pandemic. “The value of Cartwright’s agreement … ranks among probably the top 10% [in the country], if not even higher than that.””

“Under state law, university presidents’ compensation must not exceed $200,000 paid from public funds. The rest must come from other sources, such as a university’s foundation.” [I’m guessing that this is why we’re generally not great at raising money – it goes to upper level administrators]

“his contract says he will receive $50,000 for relocation-related expenses, which essentially amounts to a signing bonus, Finkelstein and Wilde said. It does not cost $50,000 to move your household from Missouri to Florida unless you’re moving a mansion,” Wilde said.” [Ya think?]

“there is at least one significant way Cartwright’s contract favors the university, Finkelstein and Wilde said. The agreement gives UCF unusual leeway to terminate him for cause, allowing trustees to do so in situations that bring “public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule or failure. That grants “enormous protections” to the university, they said.” [You mean, like the kind of disrepute and scandal that’s about to happen because we hired someone in 2 days, essentially violating Florida state law in the process, and completely sidelining faculty or anyone else from looking at this person’s record? That kind of disrepute?]

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