Representations of Place and Space Course Page

HUM 3394

Representations of Place and Space

Class Resources

The following links include all the overheads &
web resources, as well as any readings we have assigned for a specific section. Some of these readings are in .pdf
format, which requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be obtained and installed on your computer by clicking
on this link:

  • Reading Schedule

  • Paper Ideas


Due Dates for Assignments

Annotated Bibliography: Sept. 27

Place Review: Oct. 30

Term Paper: Final day of classes

Presentations: Scheduled in the last 5 classes.



Documents, Overheads Links:

  • Starting Points
  • Part One: Introduction: Theory and History of Representation, Place, and Space
  • Part Two: Being In Place, Representing the Places We Are In
  • Part Three: Building Place
  • Part Four: Imagining Place
  • Part Five: Understanding and Connecting With Place
  • Part Six: Conclusion – See notes and schedule for class presentations
    • Presentation Comment Sheets (pdf)


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