Philosophy, Technology, and the Environment


Philosophy of Technology: Issues, Questions, Areas

What is Technology?

Is Technology Deterministic?

-D-i-g-i-t-a-l C-u-l-t-u-r-e-

-D-i-g-i-t-a-l C-u-l-t-u-r-e- Journals & Magazines

This list starts from the great compilation at the Resource Centre for Cyberculture Studies

History of Technology


Significant Thinkers and Movements related to Technology

Baudrillard, Jean

Deleuze, Gilles & Felix Guattari

Ellul, Jacques

Feenburg, Andrew

McLuhan, Marshall

Taylor, Frederick Winslow & Henry Ford

Virilio, Paul

Winner, Langdon



Journals on Philosophy and Technology



Philosophy and the Environment



Environmental Ethics




Significant Thinkers and Movements related to the Environment

Bookchin, Murray

Burroughs, John

Callicott, J. Baird

Carson, Rachel


Edge, Rosalie

Ehrlich, Paul & Anne

Leopold, Aldo

Muir, John

Naess, Arne

Snyder, Gary

Stegner, Wallace

Thoreau, Henry David

Wilson, E. O.



Art, Writing and the Environment

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