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Cultural Studies General Resources

Other pages compiled by B. Janz that are relevant to the philosophical study of culture:

  • Aesthetics and Visual Culture — Visual culture is a large part of our cultural experience. This page collects links for another course, but much of what that course attempted will be relevant here. Some of those links have already been included below,
    but there is more here than on the Aesthetics page.
  • African Philosophy Resources — Part of the study of philosophy and culture involves thinking about cultures other than Western ones. This is a large page that collects resources relevant to the philosophical study of Africa. It also has resources on African-diaspora philosophy, and race studies.
  • Continental Philosophy Resources — “Continental” philosophy (perhaps an unfortunate term — which continent?) begins from the assumption that we as inquirers are always “caught up”, or part of what we inquire about. In studying a subject
    (in this case, culture) we are also understanding ourselves as both participants in that culture and also as inquirers.
    What kinds of questions do we think of asking, and where did they come from? Continental philosophy is a major
    (although not the only) source of philosophy of culture.
  • Culture and Ethnicity in Philosophy — This page tries to pull together resources on cultural philosophy around the world. It does not focus on Western philosophy, particularly, except inasmuch as it attends to its own cultural context.
  • Philosophy in the World’s Religions — Religion certainly is a component of culture, and interesting philosophy has emerged from religious sources. This (only partially complete) page deals with that.
  • Philosophy, Technology, and the Environment — Contemporary culture could hardly be imagined without particular kinds of technology. This page collects resources on the philosophical implications of technology. It also has many links to resources on philosophy and the environment.
  • Place and Space Research — This interdisciplinary website collects resources on the notion of place and space. Much cultural theory has revolved around the kinds of space made available or created by particular social or political practices. Others
    have been interested in the relationship between identity and where we are. This site has many links to good resources.


Tools for Studying Culture




Semiotics and Semiology; Structuralism

Some Contexts of Culture

General Media





Movie/Film Downloads

Movie/Film Online Sources


Work, Leisure & Consumption

See above as well, under “Critiques of Advertising and Corporate Culture”

Un/Popular and Mass Culture, “High” Culture

Subcultures (including assorted specific subcultures)


Virtual Culture, Computers, -D-i-g-i-t-a-l C-u-l-t-u-r-e-

-D-i-g-i-t-a-l C-u-l-t-u-r-e- Journals & Magazines

This list starts from the great compilation at the Resource Centre for Cyberculture Studies

Cultural Resistance, Critiques of Advertising and Corporate Culture; Activism (Culture Jamming, Hacktivism, détournement, Subvertisements)

Cultural Resistance: Theoretical Statements

Cultural Resistance: Link Collections

Culture and Place(s)

Where does culture happen? What do the places of culture have to do with our sense of who we are and what is possible? The most comprehensive place to look is on my Research on Place and Space site. There are some other resources, though:

Paper Collections

People: Theorists

For a more extensive list of theorists and philosophers, go to the Continental Philosophy page

Baudrillard, Jean

Bourdieu, Pierre

Cassirer, Ernst

Derrida, Jacques

Eco, Umberto

Foucault, Michel

McLuhan, Marshall

Simmel, Georg

Virilio, Paul

Journals and Magazines


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