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This page collects existing resources from the WWW on the work, world, and influence of Jacob Boehme (1575-1624), and adds some of my own resources, in an effort to support research and teaching on Boehme. If anyone knows of additions to this page, please let me know at the email address below.

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General Introductory Resources

See also below, in “Secondary Sources and Documents”

Boehme Primary Texts

Sammtliche Werke, Collected Works


Three Principles of Divine Essence

Clavis, or Key

Six Mystical Points

The Way to Christ (individual tracts or the whole)

The Incarnation of Jesus Christ

Mysterium Pansophicum

Signature Rerum

Mysterium Magnum

On the Election of Grace

Excerpt & Sampler collections

    • Confissoes – (Portuguese, downloadable executable program file)
    • Treasures from the writings of Jacob Boehme – Pass the WordChristiansUnite
    • Jacob Boehme Sampler 12 (Pass the WordPart One contains: The entire Author’s Preface to Aurora: The Day Spring; excerpts from the Appendix to The Three Principles of the Divine Essence, entitled “Fundamental and True Description of the Threefold Life in Man”; two additional excerpts from The Three Principles of the Divine Essence; five excerpts from The Threefold Life of ManPart Two contains: Excerpts from Forty Questions Concerning the Soul, four more excerpts from The Threefold Life of Man; one more excerpt from The Three Principles of the Divine Essence; an excerpt from Mysterium Magnum; and two excerpts from The Epistles of Jacob Behmen.

Text Archives That Include Boehme’s Works

These sites usually contain more than just Boehme’s work, and so are useful for the wider mystical and devotional picture.

Boehme Secondary Sources and Documents

Images Connected to Boehme

Boehme Images on the Esoterica Site

The ejournal Esoterica has compiled a fine list of images from Boehme’s Theosophia Revelata, 1730.

Miscellaneous Boehme pages

Related Thinkers, Texts & Movements

Assorted Uncategorized Followers of Boehme


Baader, Franz von (1765-1841)

Berdyaev, Nicolaus (1874-1948)

Blake, William (1757-1827)

Bromley, Thomas (1629-1691)

Buber, Martin (1878-1965)

Bucke, Richard Maurice (1837-1902)

Cambridge Platonists (17th Century)

Coleridge, S. T. (1796-1849)

Eckhart, Meister (1260-1328)

English Behmenists (see also Jane Leade, Philadelphians, Thomas Bromley)

Fox, George (1624-1691)

Freher, Dionysius Andreas (1649-1728)

Frick, Philipp Joseph (1742-1798)

Gichtel, Johan Georg (1638-1710)


Guyon, Madame (1647-1717)


Hegel, G. W. F. (1770-1831)

Jung, C. G. (1875-1961)

Law, William (1686-1761)

Leade, Jane (1624-1704) (see also English Behmenists, Philadelphians)

Lee, Francis (see also Jane Leade and Philadelphians)

McDonald, George (1824-1905)

Novalis (Frederick von Hardenburg) (1772-1801)

Oetinger, Friedrich Christian (1702-1782)

Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Pennsylvania Mystics

Philadelphians (see also Jane Leade, English Behmenists)


Rexroth, Kenneth (1905-1982)

Runge, Philip Otto (1777-1810)

Saint-Martin, Louis Claude de (1743-1803)

Schelling, F. W. J. (1775-1854)

Schwenkfeld von Ossig, Casper (1489 -1561)

Solovyov, Vladimir (1853-1900)

Spener, Philip Jacob (1635-1705)

Swedenborg, Emmanuel (1688-1772)

Tillich, Paul (1886-1965)

Weigel, Valentin (1553-1588)

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