Philosophy in the World’s Religions

The line between religion and philosophy in many traditions is not as stark as in Western philosophy. It is therefore worth including sites that reference religious traditions. One could hardly make sense of Indian philosophy without taking Buddhism into account, for example, even though Buddhism is not the only constituent of Indian thought. However, I recognize that religious tradition is not identical to cultural or ethnic tradition. I cannot, for instance, list “Muslim philosophy” and “Arabic philosophy” under the same heading, as if all things Muslim are Arabic and vice versa. At the same time, religion and culture are not separate, unrelated entities either.

This is not a “philosophy of religion resources” page, at least in the Western sense of philosophy of religion. There are other good pages for that; try Philosophy of

Atheism, Humanism, Skepticism
Buddhist Philosophy

Christian Philosophy

Anabaptist Philosophy
Writings on Christian Non-Resistance and Pacifism from Anabaptist-Mennonite Sources

Hindu Philosophy

• Indian Philosophy Page
Jambudvipa – Indian Philosophy

Islamic Philosophy

Islamic Philosophy Resources

Jain Philosophy
Jewish Philosophy

Mysticism and Philosophy
Taoist Philosophy

Traditional Religions and Philosophy (Local/Indigenous Knowledge Systems)

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