Culture and Ethnicity in Philosophy

This site gathers resources relevant to the philosophical study of culture and ethnicity.
Included here are links to philosophy in specific cultures, philosophical anthropology, and cross-cultural and
intercultural philosophy. This is not a page dealing with philosophy in Western culture, for the most part, except
inasmuch as that philosophy is expressed
in cultural or ethnic terms. Western cultural studies are also not included here; there are other good pages for
that. I have also not included general link pages in other languages unless they specifically focus on philosophy
done in a particular culture; Peter Suber has already done this. Finally, I have not included pages that are simply
located in a specific place, for that would include all philosophy pages everywhere. I am interested in pages that
consciously reflect on the intersection of philosophy and culture, or philosophy and a particular culture.

A word about philosophy, religion, and culture: Clearly, the line between religion
and philosophy in many traditions is not as stark as in Western philosophy. It is therefore worth including sites
that reference religious traditions. One could hardly make sense of Indian philosophy without taking Buddhism into
account, for example, even though Buddhism is not the only constituent of Indian thought. However, I recognize
that religious tradition is not identical to cultural or ethnic tradition. I cannot, for instance, list "Muslim
philosophy" and "Arabic philosophy" under the same heading, as if all things Muslim are Arabic and
vice versa. At the same time, religion and culture are not separate, unrelated entities either. The best I can
do is to make a separate page that includes religious philosophies. This does not mean to suggest that religion
is separable from the cultures in which it is found, only that conceptual and organizational distinctions can be
made. That page is located

This page has benefitted from links drawn from Thomas Stone’s Episteme Links, Peter Suber’s Guide to Philosophy on the Internet, and Dey Alexander’sPhilosophy in Cyberspace, as well as many other sources. In particular, links have been drawn from the Polylog site,
which I consider to be the best site for intercultural philosophy on the Web (mine included).

Update: I’ve removed the XRefer links from this page, which once comprised a large
collection of country-specific philosophical links. Unfortunately, XRefer now has limited circulation, by paid
subscription only, and hence its usefulness to the general public has ended. Their main page is, if your institution has
a subscription.

For more information or additions, contact Bruce Janz

Philosophy in cultures & ethnicities

Aboriginal Philosophy (see also Native North American Philosophy)

African Philosophy

  • African Philosophy page
    — extensive collection of links. I will update that page rather than add links on African philosophy to the current
    page. That page also contains links to specific cultures and ethnicities in Africa, for example, Ghanaian philosophy,
    Kenyan philosophy Nigerian philosophy and Ugandan philosophy.

American Philosophy

Arabic Philosophy

Australian Philosophy

Brazilian Philosophy

Bulgarian Philosophy

Canadian Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Croatian Philosophy

Czech Philosophy

Danish Philosophy

Dutch Philosophy

Eastern or Asian Philosophy (see also Chinese, Indian,Japanese,Korean, Pakistani, Philipino,Thai,Tibetan philosophy)

English Philosophy

French Philosophy

German Philosophy

Georgian Philosophy

Greek Philosophy

Indian Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Irish Philosophy

Italian Philosophy

Japanese Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Jewish Philosophy

Korean Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Latin American Philosophy (see also Peruvian philosophy)

Lithuanian Philosophy

Maori Philosophy

Native North American Philosophy

New Zealand Philosophy (see also Maori Philosophy)

Norwegian Philosophy

Pakistani Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Peruvian Philosophy (see also Latin American philosophy)

Philipino Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Polish Philosophy

Romanian Philosophy

Russian Philosophy

Scottish Philosophy

Serbian Philosophy

Slovak Philosophy

Slovene Philosophy

Spanish Philosophy

Swedish Philosophy

Thai Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Tibetan Philosophy (see also Eastern philosophy)

Yugoslav Philosophy

Intercultural Philosophy


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Philosophy and Culture

Philosophical Anthropology

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