Notes for a vocabulary for a Brave New World

Wednesday, 21st December 2016

From Dec. 21, 2016

Trump = Dear Leader. Term of respect, obeisance, and uncritical acceptance of all things dispensed by our Orange Oracle.

Trump apologist = Trumpologist. Like an astrologist, someone who truly believes in magic and mysterious things.

Draining the Swamp (officially retired by Dear Leader, but kept in use by all those who seek to honor every true word he has spoken) = A socialist term from the past, referring to emptying public life of the leeches of capitalism, repurposed to refer to unspecified denizens of the halls of power. Shown to refer not to entrenched bureaucrats and lobbyists, but to ideological opponents. Also known as Purification.

Classy = anything covered with gold leaf. Any shiny new thing.

Great = Like the Dear Leader.

Loser = Not like the Dear Leader.

More to come. Feel free to add suggestions for additions in the comments.

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