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Friday, 25th November 2016

From Nov. 25, 2016



NYT: “Many in Florida Count on Obama’s Health Law, Even Amid Talk of Its Demise”

So, for all those who said that they took Trump seriously but not literally – the time is coming when he will have to be taken literally. Those who took him literally but not seriously have had their rude awakening; the other rude awakening is coming. He was serious, and he was literal, about lots of stuff, and where he wasn’t literal he will pay a price from those who thought he was. No wall coming? A price will be paid. Affordable Care Act isn’t immediately dumped? A price will be paid from those who thought this would happen on day one.

And of course, if he does follow through, millions of Trump voters will be without health care. There is no Republican plan – the ACA was that plan, devised by Romney, and taken over by Obama in an effort to be bipartisan. Universal health care would have been a better idea, but at least putting a Republican plan into place would garner widespread support, Obama thought. He didn’t count on the stated policy of the Republican congress, that if Obama wanted it, it was automatically bad. I wish Democrats had put a bill forward saying that water is wet, and Obama indicated that he would sign it. It would have been opposed.

So, let’s see where this goes. In the cases where Trump has put secretaries in place who are far outside of the mainstream, and who are disinclined to take evidence not already slanted in their direction (DeVos in education, Sessions for attorney general, I’m looking at you), we will either be in a situation where reality will not line up with ideology, or where ideology will be forced through, harming millions. This is Trump’s honeymoon right now, rocky as it is. The left will likely take the right’s playbook over the past 8 years, and oppose everything on principle. The right will be left with lots of uncomfortable decisions. There was no platform or plan during the long campaign on Trump’s side – that’s the problem with taking him seriously but not literally. Sometimes, literal matters. Now we’ll see what happens when that is ignored.

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