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Corrupting the Pulpit

Friday, 3rd February 2017

From Feb. 3, 2017

Yeah, I think that ship has sailed. You know, the one where the church has lost its prophetic voice, and is corrupt, lazy and unpersuasive. I know, not all churches. But at this point, I think that conservative evangelical churches have pretty much lost any moral authority at all. I’m still waiting to see any evidence that someone is going to take me up on a challenge I suggested months ago. Maybe Christians don’t sign on to Trump’s odious moral standards, belittling of women, racism, politics of fear, and all the rest. But you have to show it, not just say it. I want to see an anti-racist, anti-sexist movement among those churches. No one gets a pass. So, churches, what do you think? Are you good with just being a political action social club? Because unless you live up to Jesus’ standards of loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and your neighbor as yourself, you’re just a political action social club. And that has no moral authority for anyone, nor should it.

“When churches move from being independent vehicles for political causes and become arms of political parties, they lose their prophetic voice.

Worse, they lose their spiritual credibility. As a state legislator in Virginia, James Madison made the case that subsidizing religious organizations undermines religion.

Arguing against a plan to provide subsidies to churches in Virginia, Madison said efforts to help religion would backfire, as faith that is purely pursued was more powerful. Taxpayer-subsidized religion would become corrupt, lazy and unpersuasive — and worse, he said, “an offense against God, not against man.”

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