Wednesday, 25th March 2020

The Brave Old World of Online Courses

I’ve been doing various sorts of online course delivery since the mid-1990s. That’s when Netscape was the only browser. That’s when you had to send your page changes to an IT admin, and wait a… Continue reading…

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020

UCF Program of Interim Studies

Most common administrative title at UCF: “Interim”. We are about to have another one – Interim Head of Libraries – to add to the Interim President, Interim Provost, Interim Chief Financial Officer, and various other… Continue reading…

Sunday, 15th September 2019

The Constrained University

I have been officially certified as “Ethical” by my institution, at least for another year. Thanks be to our lord and savior Immanuel Kant. I am also certified in the technologies of squealing and… Continue reading…

Friday, 30th August 2019

“Ethics” Training

Shall we pick apart this email (see below) sent by our university president, at 4 pm just before the university closes for a hurricane? Ok, lets do that.

1. This isn’t ethics training, it’s… Continue reading…

Tuesday, 30th July 2019

An old problem, still with us

When I have taught medieval philosophy in the past, I’ve had to describe the debate between the realists and the nominalists. It’s central to understanding the European Middle Ages. Basically, the dispute is over universals,… Continue reading…

Saturday, 14th July 2018

Trust and Faith

My university is getting a new president, after 26 years of the previous one being in that position. The new president was our provost (there was a national search, but it’s pretty clear that he… Continue reading…

Tuesday, 14th November 2017

Ignoring Tech in the Ivory Tower?

From Nov. 14, 2017

Who is this Cathy O’Neil person and how is it possible that she is this clued out? “Where’s academia when it comes to helping us make sense of this?” Um,… Continue reading…

Friday, 14th July 2017

Eclipses and Bible School

From July 14, 2017

This is a great WaPo site that looks at solar eclipses, past and present.

The 1979 eclipse went right over where I was in Saskatchewan. I was in an evangelical… Continue reading…

Monday, 19th June 2017

Phil Merklinger, RIP

From June 19, 2017

Just heard that an old friend passed away. Phil Merklinger, the other half of the philosophy department for the entire time I was at Augustana University College in Camrose. And, besides… Continue reading…

Thursday, 9th March 2017

Volunteering in Universities

From March 9, 2017

So, I find myself on a committee (I was “voluntold”), which is supposed to come up with ideas for arts and cultural involvement in the community. This is part of a… Continue reading…