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More Humanities and More Crisis

Friday, 24th August 2018

A report in the Atlantic tracks the decline of the humanities since the financial crisis of 2008. The decline is both in the number of students in classes and the number of majors…. Continue reading…


Jacob Benjamin Janz (1931-2008)

Friday, 19th January 2018

Ten years ago today, my dad died. It doesn’t seem that long ago. I realized that it has been ten years just yesterday, when I was thinking about memory and how it works. Much has… Continue reading…


Mine not mine

Tuesday, 16th January 2018

I’ve seen several people raise the question of whether this American president is “my” president. Obviously, that is a question Americans are asking – the rest of the world is saying, you broke it, you… Continue reading…


Blog space

Saturday, 6th January 2018

I’m going to repost some of the posts I’ve made on Facebook over the last year or so, to this blog, so that they remain accessible. I’ll put up the original posting dates and links… Continue reading…


Gender and Entitlement

Sunday, 24th September 2017

from Sept. 24, 2017

It’s really, really hard to look at yourself and think about the social forces that gave you the good things you have. It’s much easier to naturalize the world as… Continue reading…


Hurricane Irma update 2

Thursday, 14th September 2017

From Sept. 14, 2017

More thoughts that come out of Hurricane Irma.

I’ve long identified myself, theologically, as closer to the Anabaptist/Mennonite tradition than anything else. And what most people associate with that tradition is… Continue reading…


Hurricane Irma update 1

Thursday, 14th September 2017

from Sept. 14, 2017

Ongoing Hurricane Irma update (I know, everyone has moved on to the next thing, but in Florida and Texas and India and Bangladesh and other places it continues after the news… Continue reading…